Black Crows Viator 177 (Twin-Tip / Freestyle - Saison 2009 / 2010)

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Engadin St. Moritz
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Saison 2009/2010
Saison Start: 2009
Saison Ende: 2010
Kategorie Twin-Tip / Freestyle
Preisempfehlung n.v.


Länge (cm)Radius (m)Taillierung (mm)
62.34 ft


Der Ski ist auf Kickern und Rails in den Freestyle Parks der Welt zu Hause.

Der Ski im Detail

We design our skis to withstand the test of time, like a classic Stones’ song which traverses many eras and fashions to become a reference. After all, what’s good today can’t be bad tomorrow - the same goes for a ski intended to fly high over fresh snow. The Viator is born of a new way of thinking when it comes to skiing, when the snow world breaks free of it’s restraints and stereotypes to create skis which are more playful, more open and adapted to all types of skiers. A freestyle ski, but also an all-round ski, this is like the kid brother, who is just as ease in the park as on the piste or off-piste.You’ll love its ease to manoeuvre and its liveliness, and it will certainly put some wings into your skiing. The Viator shape keeps the distinct Black Crows style, but with 86mm at the waist, a progressive raised tip and as always great edge grip. Offered in two sizes : 177 and 167, it is a ski for many different types of riders. The Viator is much more than a powerful freestyle ski, it’s also a true all-round freeski, which loves the piste, and will suit skiers who don’t just look to float through the powder. This is a ski that will be playful and perform, in all types of snow and in all areas of the mountain.

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