Black Crows Orb (Allmountain Ski - Saison 2009 / 2010)

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Saison 2009/2010
Saison Start: 2009
Saison Ende: 2010
Kategorie Allmountain Ski
Preisempfehlung n.v.


Länge (cm)Radius (m)Taillierung (mm)
68.9 ft


Große Radien zwischen 20 m und 21 m (je nach Skilänge) machen den Ski zum echten Cruiser. Für Kurzschwünge ist der Ski wahrlich nicht zu empfehlen.

Der Ski im Detail

As we consider ski-touring and steep skiing to be the purest and free form of skiing, this ski was the cause of fierce discussion at the home of Black Crows. The idealists that we are means that each new model of ski becomes a very personal affair. We aim to develop skis which blend of performance and pleasure, as we spend our winters on the snow in search of the best the mountains can offer. The ORB is a true high mountain ski, 179cm long and 90mm underfoot, with the cut of the ski taking priority over the weight, as the skidown does over the climb up. Let’s not forget that its the shape, rather than the weight which makes the turn. A long and progressive tip which has become our trademark over the first few years, a wooden core for a powerful ski, and a balanced sidecut which makes a solid, reactive and precise ski that never lets you down. The ORB could well become your everyday ski, but will certainly be a partner in many different terrains. All-mountain, ski-touring, piste, powder and of course, the steeps and the couloirs... the choice is yours. The ORB is the key to the other side, to see what lies beyond and follow the call of the mountains.

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